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    4 Ways Your Business Can Prepare for Hybrid or Remote Operations

    5 October, 2021

    In today's day and age, the future is unclear at best. You never know when your company will suffer from circumstances beyond your control, whether it’s a disaster that uproots your office or a global pandemic that forces your entire workforce to switch to remote operations or a hybrid workspace. Thankfully, even in today’s trying times, technology presents opportunities to overcome these challenges. But how?

    Let's look at some options in technology solutions that can help you stay successful; both now and in the future. If your company does the transition to hybrid or remote operations, you will be ready. 

    Hardware Solutions

    In order to prepare yourself for remote or hybrid operations in the workplace, consider equipping your employees with hardware that allows them to get their work done whether that be in the office, or at home. You probably won’t want to give them full workstations, but you can provide laptops and smartphones to help them stay connected to the workplace even when out of it. If you need a hand with the procurement of these virtual workstations, we would be happy to recommend some of the best deals and solutions out there.

    Cloud Computing

    Now that you have access to hardware, you will need access to data and software to utilize that data. The cloud is a great data solution; as the applications and data essentially live in an online environment where the data can be accessed when and where it is needed. There are many cloud-based solutions to consider, but we recommend a unified communications solution, a data storage solution, and a productivity suite as the absolute bare minimum for any organization hoping to keep operations running while remote. Of course, your needs will be different than other businesses. It is important to talk with us about your needs and help us get a better idea of what you would like to see improved in your IT. 

    Unified Communications

    Your team will need access to data and solutions that will allow them to stay in touch with each other while in, or out of the office. Unified communications solutions offer a centralized location for employees to access all of the services that you might implement, including email, instant messaging, video chat, conference calling, and your voice-over IP solution. Unified communications is an incredibly effective solution for any company that anticipates remote or hybrid operations in the near future.

    Infrastructure Access Technology

    Finally, we come to arguably the most important aspect of all—security. It is critical to ensure that only your employees can access your network when they are working out of office. A great tool is a virtual private network and remote desktop access applications. Both applications allow your employees to access files on the company network or their own work desktops remotely through the cloud. You will want to ensure that your company-owned devices are kept secure with a threat management tools to keep them safe, no matter the type of connection they use for wireless access.

    CalTech can help you prepare for a future when your organization’s operations may be disrupted due to circumstances beyond your control. To learn more about the technology that makes remote or hybrid operations possible, reach out to us at (325) 223-6100.


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