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    Protect Your Business with Solid Backup Strategies

    25 November, 2019

    Know it or not, your business takes in and creates a lot of data. Most of this data, like most items and information, isn’t worth much. Some of it, however, is crucial to your business’ ability to operate. If a situation comes along where you are faced with the prospect of losing your data, it will be much better to have a backup plan in place than not.

    At CalTech, we understand that not all data is the same, but we also know that losing data is not an option. That is why we offer a comprehensive data backup and disaster recovery solution in EverSpace. It ensures that no matter what happens to your business, you’re protected.

    By backing up your organization’s data, you avoid the disaster that goes along with losing everything you and your staff have worked so hard to build, client information, and any other data too valuable to lose. Today, we’ll take you through a couple of scenarios that will help you understand just how vital your data backup processes are to the sustainability of your business.

    Scenario #1: An Actual Disaster

    Depending on where you do business, you are likely at risk for weather-related disasters. Some places have the potential for hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, high winds, and more. If your place of business is in the path of one of these natural disasters, there is little you can do at the time. Nearly half of all companies that are hit with a natural disaster never reopen, and only about a third last longer than two years after that.

    If you are proactive and realize that taking a dynamic backup of your most important information will allow you to have your data secure and waiting to restore once the disaster has passed, you will immediately be in a better position. This is the first way that a BDR can save your business; by being a failsafe against a natural disaster.

    Scenario #2: Corruption

    One of the biggest problems for today’s business is maintaining cybersecurity. This is because there is a rapid rate of phishing attacks and other attempts at undermining your organization’s network security efforts. An example of this is ransomware. Say one of your employees mistakenly clicks on a link or downloads a file that just so happens to be ransomware. You are then locked out of your files.

    If you have backed up your files properly with a BDR, you will not only have the ability to restore your files to working order from your onsite backup, but you also have a cloud-based backup of all of your files if you decide that migrating them to a new server will be the most cost-effective solution. Either way, you are protected against the corruption of your data from ransomware, other forms of malware, and any other corruption, even if it is from hardware failure.

    Scenario #3: Course of Business

    One of the best parts about having a BDR in place is that it allows for the restoration of your backed up data on demand. This feature can be a lifesaver for teams that collaborate on projects. For example, say you are working on a document with a team, but one of the members of the team mistakenly deletes a crucial file. Restoring the file from backup will get you a recent copy of the document, ensuring that hours of work aren’t just lost to the wind.

    With a dedicated BDR, you will always know that your files are backed-up, giving you the peace of mind to know that your investments are secure and available around-the-clock. To learn more about getting a reliable Backup and Disaster Recovery service for your business, call the knowledgeable professionals at CalTech today at 877-223-6401.

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