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    Scam of the Month: Exploiting the Coronavirus - Fear of Infection

    15 April, 2020

    The newest Coronavirus-themed phishing attack may be the most ruthless yet. Cybercriminals are sending emails that appear to be from a hospital and warn that you have been exposed to the virus through contact with a colleague, friend, or family member. Attached to the email is a "pre-filled" form to download and take with you to the hospital. Don't be fooled. The attachment is actually a sophisticated piece of malware. This threat relies on panic and fear to bypass rational thinking. Don't give in!

    Remember to stay vigilant:

    • Think before you click. The bad guys rely on impulsive clicking.
    • Never download an attachment from an email you weren't expecting.
    • Even if the sender appears to be from a familiar organization, the email address could be spoofed.

    Stop, Look, and Think.

    Don't be fooled.

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