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    Tip of the Week: Security Best Practices for All Business Sizes

    10 July, 2020

    Data compromises are on the rise for businesses of all sizes, and the leading cause is cyber-attacks. These attacks can take many forms – from ransomware to phishing – so it’s critical to be prepared. Certain fundamentals, which are considered Security Best Practices, can help you effectively defend against cybercrime.

    Here are a few simple things to keep in mind:

    1. Pause Before Clicking

    Whether out of simple curiosity or perhaps inattention, it can be easy to click on a link that exposes you to cybersecurity risks. We talk about this all the time.

    If you clicked on the link above, you see what we mean! It can happen quickly. Before clicking, always pause and check it out first. Let your cursor hover over the link to see the URL that pops up. Then you can see where it will take you.

    1. Control Access

    All your digital assets, as well as your physical network infrastructure, need to be protected against unauthorized access. Along with a modern workplace security system, all devices (on-site or remote) should have strong password protection, as well as some form of multi-factor authentication.

    1. Never Go ‘Phishing’

    Cybercriminals know how to make their emails look legitimate, luring us into trusting a link or scaring us into action. This practice, called “phishing,” is directed toward a specific target audience and appears to be very relevant, important, or even urgent. Make sure your teams are aware of this tactic, and that they know to confirm these requests through another means of communication.

    1. Keep Things Secure

    To protect devices against ongoing cyber threats, an antivirus program should be in place – one that is monitored and frequently updated. In addition, requiring the use of a virtual private networking program each time the Internet is accessed will bolster security

    There are many ways to ensure a solid security strategy. At CalTech, we’re able to assist you with implementing these crucial safeguards, as well as answer any questions you may have. To learn more, subscribe to this blog, and give us a call: 877.223.6401.


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